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Wednesday, February 07, 2007

I checked on the DYHP, would have been a relatively quick and painless 20% gainer.

This Blog has been dead for awhile. I was disappointed by the lack of visitors, and the almost nonexistent ad revenue. I was also busy moving and starting a new life. Things are going well. I didn't get the stock I was trying to buy in November. I guess I should check and see if I would have made any money on it. I decided to pull all my avaiable cash to pay moving expenses, and invested what was left in merchandise to sell on e-bay. E-bay profits have been very strong, but I may shift some money back to into the markets just for fun. I guess I'll leave all this stuff posted. It's kind of painful to have poured out your best stuff to the general public, and to find nobody is interested.

So although I told you how to make real profits in the stock market for absolutely free, I'm keeping my e-bay business secrets to myself. I hope to have enough of a windfall to start trading enough to have something to blog about here in the fairly near future.