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Monday, September 04, 2006

Hi. My portfolio is performing fairly well, but the cash is not enough to cover my expenses, and every time I take money out I reduce my earning power in the market. Sold SHMT at less than it was worth to get cash into my checking in time to pay things that had to be paid. The job search is coming to be very important. I can only maintain my credit rating for about two more months if I don't get a job. Credit is hugely important. I've had 4 interviews for good jobs, with no call backs. I guess I'm not the worlds greatest interviewer. May have to take something less than ideal just for income. Kept 100 shares of SHMT in my long portfolio along with a little BSIC that I've owned for years bought at 25 cents and sold off over time. I've got to see something out of ATSX, that was one of those it looks ok buy the middle plays that burned me. I know buying bottoms is what I do when I'm most successful, anyway trading is a great hobby for me that is getting me through this unemployed period.