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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

I'm having to liqudate about $1000 dollars to cover living expenses. I've had three interviews, and hope to get a job soon and keep the rest of my portfolio intact. I can make a fair amount of money in the markets with just a little capital, but not enough to live on for very long.

Things are looking up as far as the stocks go, except TRTI which has turned south again, but which I still have high hopes for over the long term. Its a solid company in landfills and waste managment, and is trading for well below earnings with no warning signs or hazards that I am aware of. If it ever makes it to a daollar my 5000 shares will be worth 93% more than when I bought them, and my predictions realized, might take six months though.

Life goes on, money is just a part of it, and the money a guy like me has for stock trading is limited indeed. I'll probably die wondering what I could have done with 100K in the market. Because at a hundred percent a year what I have now would take six years, and at 50% twelve years, if I didn't spend any of it, and though I'm good at picking them, I'm only that good some of the time. Still, I'm unemployed and still free to goof off and eat out because of the market. All in all its been a very positive experience for me, and if I lost every penny in a crash tommorrow, or spent it all on bacon cheeseburgers, I'd still be ahead of the game over all.