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Saturday, November 04, 2006

Sold out of TRTI except 100 shares which I decided to hold onto long term. I was in at .07 back when it was named EXCB, so at .35 I have 400% profit, not bad, although I had hoped it would go to a dollar, but the numbers aren't as strong now as they were before the last earnings, so I'm out.

I have an order in to buy 3000 DYHP at .25 which I think is the best play available right now for what I have left in the market. I'm building from scratch now, since I took most of my money out to spend on bills and moving. This is a quick in quick out play hoping for 25 to 30% gains, maybe a month and a half tops if I'm right. My main worry here is that I won't get an execution at my price, and will have to buy it higher if I still want in. A penny is a big thing for this kind of trade.

Friday, November 03, 2006

I still like DYHP at .27 or below, but I still don't have any liquid cash to make the buy.