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Friday, June 09, 2006

The Market can make you look and feel like a genius, or look and feel like a fool. I'm definitely not looking like a genius at this point, but I guess it takes more than a three cent drop over three days to look like a total fool. I'm a little worried, because the volume on ATSX today was high, but it went down. I don't know where all the sellers are coming from, because I picked this stock specifically because I thought it looked to be out of sellers. I'm going to blame it on market conditions, as the indexs bled some more. With the news saying this is the worst week in the markets year to date, I guess I should be glad to only be out about 150 bucks. This is real world stuff boys and girls, and I've got over 1500 bucks riding that this thing goes the right way sometime soon.


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