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Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Well, it was an ugly day on wall street today. They're blaming it all on Greenspan, the fed, and that new guy burkinstock or heim or whatever his name is. My major index screen had red everywhere, I was expecting blood to start oozing out of the screen. The Dow, the Nasdaq, Amex, S&P were all down at the close.

I know some of you think I look like a fool, because both my stocks I've talked about were down today. My new pick went down as low as .27 but rallied to close down a penny costing me 50 bucks plus commissions on paper, but I didn't sell, the name day trading can be decieving, especially on penny plays. I decided to give it another day or two, since todays total volume was less than 1/3 of average daily volume I never got too scared. My TRTI dropped 25%, but only 250 shares changed hands, so thats not a real price. Anyway, this blog software wouldn't let me sign in all day, and my click counter is screwed for today so I have no idea if anybody is even interested in reading this. Other than that, it's been a peachy day.


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