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Thursday, June 08, 2006

It's kind of hard to get excited or inspired in this market. I sat on the internet through this whole market session and watched my ticker. Not a single up tick on anything I own, and down ticks on my most solid long position (I've been holding some BSIC since it was.25, although I only have a couple hundred shares left) it ticked down, but not enough to worry about, I'll probably keep that position for another 10 years, so minor fluctuations don't mean much there.

In real life, I'm supposed to be washing and ironing my good clothes because I have a civil service test to take Saturday, and interviews to do in North Carolina Monday, it's about a 15 hour drive, but they're the only place that's shown real interest in my resume. I have to be packed and traveling by Sunday morning.

I'm starting to think all the clicks I was seeing on this blog the first couple of day were me building it, basically blogging to myself. I guess. Only eleven clicks today. Trying to decide wheter to delete the adsense that came with the site. They make my pages less attractive, and it doesn't look like they are going to generate any clicks or even modest revenue. If I ever do get respectable traffic here I'm looking for banner ads. If you or somebody you know has stock related banners that need a home, I'm looking for something to fill in my sidebars. I'd prefer cpm or cpa, but would consider cpc. I have 4 or 5 pages laid out, and I don't know how much will have to go in this blog before it rolls over to a new page. I'm just going to enjoy building a site based on my interests, try to get communications from people with similar interests, and if my site gets enough attention I'll worry about advertising then. My e-mail is on here, so don't be shy, looking for interesting conversation about stocks, or history, or web publishing/business. Holding up in this market without losses is an accomplishment I guess, but it pisses me off to be ready to go back to every day trading, and have the markets in general tank right now. Down markets mean opportunities though.


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