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Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Well, another market day in the books, no major news today for me. I'm still looking for the right moment to liquidate and go back to day trading. I actually spent most of the day on the job search thing. I found some really cool things to apply for besides teaching. I might try to get into museum work. I have the degree they want, but I'm a little short on practical experience since I chose archeology field school instead of museum internships when I had the chance.

I dunno what's going to happen, but I there are a lot of exciting possibilities. Teaching is actually not my first choice, but it's what everybody seems to think I should do. Anyway, I think I'm going to sell everything except the TRTI and make some day trading moves so I can walk you guys through the ups and downs of how I do it. I'm not claiming to be a definitive expert, just to have done pretty good over the years for the amount I've had to invest. I might lose my @$$. Come around every once in awhile, and see if I can live up to my own expectations. I'm going to sit down and write some more articles too as soon as I get the mood or the muse or whatever. I think I might put my quotation files, and favorite poems on here too, and with a little persuasion I might post my History papers as well, although somebody would probably knock them off as thiers in some class somewhere, unless their teacher is using that turn it in web checker thing that checks for plagarism from the net.


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