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Saturday, June 17, 2006

Everybody's blogging on the weekend ... Blogging is fun, free, and it gives you a chance to express yourself. My weekend blogs are going to be just for fun. Stocks are great, and making money is necessary, but fun is really what life is all about. I mean if you enjoy watching an ant farm, and if it engages your mind and makes you happy, by all means invest in an ant farm. If you love books, like me, read. If you like the bootscoot boogie or the two-step, disco, the waltz, or just whatever, have fun with it.

Me, I'm re-reading Jack London's Seawolf for about the eighth time. Playing on the internet, and surfing blogs. This blog has already taught me something about myself. I like to think like a day trader, but the market often forces me to go long, what I really am is a penny stock value investor, diversified between long and short. Stocks are a kind of fun that can make you money. Learning is fun, but work sucks. I can say that, it's the weekend, and everybody is unemployed and loving it on the weekend.


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