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Thursday, July 06, 2006

Ahhh, it feels great to be back on the net. It took them a full week to get my phone turned on since the fourth of July fell right in the middle of things. Guess I'm not doing a great job at building an audience since my stock trading is going badly, and I haven't been online. Well, here's hoping for good news. ATSX still slumped. Yahoo pulled the P/E numbers for some reason. That's going to make it harder for other people to see the value I thought I saw. I was reallly lookimg at it as a timing play, but looks like it turned into a long hold. That's a basic lesson, you never know what a stock will do short term. That's what makes day trading so hard except on those occassions when the markets are very active, and theres a lot of money moving. I really make my best money as a long penny trader, but there are occasions when I get on good day trading rolls, one of those is what I'd really like to blog about. Nothing is going to build my audience like sucess in the markets, believe it or not, I still expect to have some of that to bliog about relatively soon.


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