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Monday, August 14, 2006

The Markets overall have mostly flattened out and quit acting crazy. Recovery on ASTX has me back in the money. Coupled with gains on SHMT anf TRTI the recovery has me up a little over 20% overall since my last post. I spent 300 bucks travelling to a job interview, but I should be able to cover my living expenses for another month. I've made a stunning profit of $9.50 since June running ads on this site because nobody ever clicks anything. I'm winning a few poker tournaments for little money, and I should be able to cover my expenses through Sept. 1st, although the money in my portfolio is what I'm looking at to do it right now. I guess I'm sharing all my valuable experience in the markets for basically free, but its good to have a place to brag when things go right. Lots of people work really hard to make as much as I've made in the markets this month by just knowing what to buy and hold. I'm still holding all three of the positions mentioned above as well as a few other long holds that underpin my portfolio and diversify my risk, things haven't felt like day trading would work, although I am looking for ideas and considering possibilities.


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